Flanging, Shaping Machines and Dishing

Flanging, Shaping Machines and Dishing


CHORDING MACHINE Model CHT for the production of edges in flat or convex bottoms, with or without central hole. The machine is completely hydraulic with forming rollers of different radius of the edge. Machine controls are minimized in a mobile control panel for easy operator use.

The forming roller is made of high-strength steel, induction hardened with considerable hardening depth, suitably shaped according to the radius of the edge to be obtained. This roller is powered by a radial piston engine and is infinitely variable in rotation speed.

The beading roller, is constructed of high-strength steel, induction hardened with considerable hardening depth, through a system of hydraulic cylinders, presses the bottom against the forming roller. This operation can be done manually or automatically.

The rollers that support the bottom, positioned below the shaped roller, support the edge of the bottom during flanging. They are adjustable in height thanks to a hydraulic cylinder.


It is a hydraulic machine equipped with a hydro-mechanical unit and with a base for the assembly of the molds.
The most relevant qualities of this shaping machine can be summarized as follows:
Special structure for base, shoulders and crosspiece with structure composed of electro-welded plates and heat treatment for weld distension. The particular dimensions of the structure allow to bear maximum stress without having structural alterations.
The controls are minimized to optimize the controls on a single mobile panel.
The simple structure allows a very simple transport and installation.


It is a hydraulic machine for translation and rotation movements. The manipulator is an auxiliary machine that interfaces with the press for the construction of bottoms. The manipulator is synchronized with the press piston. These movements are simultaneous or single and their logical sequence determines the cycles for the construction of the funds for the tanks starting from metal disks.

All controls are placed on a single panel so all operations can be carried out and controlled by a single operator.

This product does not have optional equipment. Please contact us for your requests.

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